Newsletter #44: Contact

Newsletter #44: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Doing: I joined the Access Now Digital Security Helpline as the Team’s Education Coordinator, co-organized a workshop at the Harvard Kennedy School and published a report about it, and have been awarded a research fellowship by the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford University.

Linking to: virology, contact tracing, chats and censorship, phone calls, door handles; Tara Betts, June Jordan, Gian Maria Volonté, Peggy Gou.

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Joining the 2020 cohort of Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab Fellows

I am honored to have been awarded a research fellowship by the Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

The Digital Civil Society Lab is a research initiative at Stanford University investigating the challenges and opportunities for civil society to thrive in the digital age. Launched in 2017, the fellowship program provides social sector leaders with the time, space, expertise and resources to help turn ideas and prototypes into action. Fellows undertake yearlong projects to advance the safe, ethical and effective use of digital resources in civil society.

You can read more about the Digital Civil Society Lab and this year’s stellar cohort of fellows here.

News! Joining the Access Now Digital Security Helpline as Education Coordinator

I am honored and proud to announce that I have joined the Access Now Digital Security Helpline as the the Team’s Education Coordinator.

Access Now is an international organization seeking to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. The Access Now Digital Security Helpline is a free-of-charge resource, offering real-time, 24/7 direct technical assistance and advice to civil society groups, activists, media organizations, journalists, bloggers, and human rights defenders worldwide.

As the Helpline Education Coordinator, I manage the development and improvement of educational efforts by the Helpline Team in support of our beneficiaries, design capacity building opportunities for help desk members, and build relationships with key partners and international communities of information security practitioners and safety trainers.

Learn more about the services and resources offered by the Helpline and how to contact us here.

Becoming a digital HKS Harvard Kennedy School Research Fellow

I am honored to have been invited to become a digital HKS Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

digital HKS is an initiative committed to exploring the relationship between technology, data, and the public interest. It creates a space to research how to design, build, and engage with digital technologies as they relate to civic participation, equity, governance, and accountability.

You can read more about digital HKS on its website and on Twitter @hks_digital.

Becoming a digital HKS Harvard Kennedy School Practitioner Affiliate

I am honored to announce that I will be a digital HKS Harvard Kennedy School Practitioner Affiliate for the 2017-2018 academic year.

digital HKS Practitioner Affiliates are a cohort of community builders and thought-leaders on the front lines of technology as it relates to policy, government, governance, and society.

You can read more about the program on its website and on Twitter @hks_digital.

Newsletter #15: Workshops in Warehouses

Newsletter #15: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Work-wise: joining a terrific team, programming new work roadmaps, wrangling workshops to build stronger movements in a city rebuilding itself, reading in German an interview I gave on the Internet, feminism, and a feminist Internet.

Links-wise: who owns your face, rainbow filters, rainbow flags, Confederate flags, 9 heartbreaks, class struggle, Grace Lee Boggs, Sylvia Rivera, Chelsea Manning, European Games, video games, data raves.

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Thoughts on a feminist Internet: an interview with German magazine FrauenRat

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

A few weeks ago journalist Christine Müller invited me to share my thoughts on feminism and the Internet for the German feminist magazine FrauenRat, and the issue featuring our conversation is out now!

You can find our exchange in German in the picture above, and in a liberal English translation below. The issue also features interviews with great women whose work I admire, such as Laurie Penny, Billene Seyoum Woldeyes, Anne Wizorek and more, and if you’d like to get a copy you can order it here.

Continue reading Thoughts on a feminist Internet: an interview with German magazine FrauenRat

News! Joining Aspiration as Human Rights Technology Lead


I’m glad and proud to announce that I have joined Aspiration as Human Rights Technology Lead.

Aspiration connects nonprofit organisations, foundations and activists with software solutions and technology skills that help them better carry out their missions.

My work will focus on building technology capacity strategies in support of global nonprofit human rights organisations, capturing the scope and scale of the role technology plays in human rights efforts in different contexts, and exploring ways to create an inclusive, shared language when discussing technology in human rights efforts.

Stay tuned to read and hear more about it!

Menstruation matters


Today is May 28 – happy Menstrual Hygiene Day!

For the occasion, I wrote an article about menstrual hygiene rights and you can read it here.

I am very excited to see a piece I wrote published by Bitch Media, one of my favourite media outlets (both in print and online!) and I’m particularly grateful to Sarah Mirk, Bitch’s online editor, for her invitation to write for it and for the opportunity to focus on this topic.

Menstrual hygiene is a critical human right and menstrual education is essential not only for those who menstruate, but for all human beings. So, everyone is invited to read and celebrate – today and all year long!

Launching a new newsletter! #1 out tomorrow

I’m a very curious person. I like asking people what they’re up to/ working on and discovering more about their interests, and also never stop finding and enjoying great content online.
All these things make me think, also about topics I maybe never thought about before and discover are very important for me to be aware of, enrich and inspire me and sometimes also make me laugh or dance (!)
I also love sharing my favourite findings, and often others seem to like them, so – I’m starting a newsletter!

Delivered to your inbox up to 4 times a month, it’ll be about what I’m working on, writing about & loving from the Internet. Tomorrow I’ll send out the first one and you can subscribe here!

See you there!