Newsletter #39: Call out

Newsletter #39: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Linking to: Protests in Iran and Palestine; women harassment at work, in prison, online; gynecology lessons on fruits; civil rights history books; Erica Garner, Reality Winner, Eve Ewing, Roxane Gay.

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Becoming a digital HKS Harvard Kennedy School Practitioner Affiliate

I am honored to announce that I will be a digital HKS Harvard Kennedy School Practitioner Affiliate for the 2017-2018 academic year.

digital HKS Practitioner Affiliates are a cohort of community builders and thought-leaders on the front lines of technology as it relates to policy, government, governance, and society.

You can read more about the program on its website and on Twitter @hks_digital.

Newsletter #35: Decolonizing

Newsletter #35: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Doing: I published a reading list on the concept of decolonizing technology, and curated a collection of articles to celebrate Chelsea Manning’s release.

Linking to: the antidote to authoritarianism; your face, encrypted; makeup vloggers protesting capitalism; a made up FOIA tutorial vlog; Kara Walker’s next act; Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige.

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Newsletter #21: Streets, Tracked

Newsletter #21: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Doing: facilitating a session on technology for direct action; co-facilitating a discussion about being an activist tech capacity builder; joining a Twitter book club on critical algorithm studies; listening to brilliant and bold public conversations.

Links-wise: attacks, exploitations, freedom to write, freedom of expression, free speech, censorship, terrible policies, tracking phones, wearing cameras, self care as warfare, Chelsea Manning, Roxane Gay, Nicki Minaj.

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Newsletter #20: Rise Up

Newsletter #20: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Doing: facilitating a workshop on digital campaigning in crisis response for and with Amnesty International; joining a Mobilisation Lab-hosted and Aspiration-wrangled event on mobile mobilisation; making online noise to #FreeAlaa; listening to and learning from a day of protest.

Links-wise: encrypted chats, encrypted web, obfuscation, interference, phones in prison, love in the age of neoliberalism, Parris Goebel, Becky G and Black Grrrls Riot.

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News! Joining Aspiration as Human Rights Technology Lead


I’m glad and proud to announce that I have joined Aspiration as Human Rights Technology Lead.

Aspiration connects nonprofit organisations, foundations and activists with software solutions and technology skills that help them better carry out their missions.

My work will focus on building technology capacity strategies in support of global nonprofit human rights organisations, capturing the scope and scale of the role technology plays in human rights efforts in different contexts, and exploring ways to create an inclusive, shared language when discussing technology in human rights efforts.

Stay tuned to read and hear more about it!

Allied Media Conference 2015: what, where and let’s connect!


The Allied Media Conference is about to start!

I’ll be involved in co-wrangling a variety of spaces:

Join us in person, get in touch via hashtag – #AMC2015 or the dedicated ones above – and feel welcome to ping me @beatricemartini to talk all things technology, community, justice and rights!

Newsletter #14: Disobedience and Dissent

Newsletter #14: sent!
(and archived if you missed it)

Work-wise: publishing a piece on digital civil disobedience, its tactics, tools and future threads; sharing details about my Allied Media Conference session on co-creating a podcast on intersectional self-care and how to participate, both in person and online; following conversations about mass surveillance, data espionage, and health and well-being of transgender individuals and communities via hashtag.

Links-wise: divorcing your metadata, the myth of a borderless Internet, visualising absence in the archive of war, a leader-full movement, cybernetic love, Black Panthers, and – who decides what is a woman?

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Real Rad Care – co-creating a podcast on intersectional self-care at #AMC2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 18.12.58

The Allied Media Conference is about to start (June 18-21, get ready)!
It’s my first one, I’m very excited about it, and I’m also honoured to join as both participant and session facilitator.

One of the sessions I’ll host (a sneak peek of the other one can be found here) is called Real Rad Care: a podcast on intersectional self-care. The name already says a lot!

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