News! Joining the Access Now Digital Security Helpline as Education Coordinator

I am honored and proud to announce that I have joined the Access Now Digital Security Helpline as the the Team’s Education Coordinator.

Access Now is an international organization seeking to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. The Access Now Digital Security Helpline is a free-of-charge resource, offering real-time, 24/7 direct technical assistance and advice to civil society groups, activists, media organizations, journalists, bloggers, and human rights defenders worldwide.

As the Helpline Education Coordinator, I manage the development and improvement of educational efforts by the Helpline Team in support of our beneficiaries, design capacity building opportunities for help desk members, and build relationships with key partners and international communities of information security practitioners and safety trainers.

Learn more about the services and resources offered by the Helpline and how to contact us here.

Targeted surveillance, overpolicing and technology for resistance

On the upgrades of centuries-old systems of oppression and present-day tools to fight back

Yemeni women during a rally commemorating the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Arab Spring uprising. Taez, February 2016. AFP / Ahmad Al-Basha.

Globally, law enforcement agencies are adopting increasingly sophisticated surveillance technologies to employ predictive policing and monitor already overpoliced communities and demographics. Prevalent grounds for discriminatory conduct are race, class, citizenship, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation.

We hear from the news about phone interceptions, seized devices, hacked accounts. But most often, the civil society is provided with small to no information about how far these monitoring activities go.

How is technology employed to control targeted groups? And how can technology support who’s controlled to reclaim and protect their rights?

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Allied Media Conference 2015: what, where and let’s connect!


The Allied Media Conference is about to start!

I’ll be involved in co-wrangling a variety of spaces:

Join us in person, get in touch via hashtag – #AMC2015 or the dedicated ones above – and feel welcome to ping me @beatricemartini to talk all things technology, community, justice and rights!