Real Rad Care – co-creating a podcast on intersectional self-care at #AMC2015

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The Allied Media Conference is about to start (June 18-21, get ready)!
It’s my first one, I’m very excited about it, and I’m also honoured to join as both participant and session facilitator.

One of the sessions I’ll host (a sneak peek of the other one can be found here) is called Real Rad Care: a podcast on intersectional self-care. The name already says a lot!

The idea is to invite people who feel like their identities and experiences are not (enough, or not at all) represented by traditional media to get together and share ideas and wishes for what would then become (after the event) a podcast on real self-care – as real as our diverse bodies and minds, and as rad and radical as our broadcasted voices.

Podcasting can be a powerful tool to reclaim representation of realities and issues and fight for justice and rights, create alliances, communities and movements, support and strengthen each other, and gives us the opportunity to create a more democratic and inclusive media space.
Applying an intersectional approach to this practice is what makes the output real and truly helpful to individuals, groups and communities. As human beings, we don’t have one-dimensional identities – we’re all a combination of biological, social and cultural categories. We’re living intersections, we’re multi-dimensional. And so are the issues affecting us.

Media spaces dedicated to talk about underrepresented self-care experiences are highly needed.
Such a platform could be a welcoming space for people to share their learnings about things like changing skincare routines when transitioning, racism and eyelids, hirsutism-friendly make-up, being a butch woman getting ready to give birth, mental health and the pressure of respectability politics, sexual enjoyment for bodies of different abilities.
And these are really just a few examples – think about the Allied Media crowd joining forces to come up with even more fabulous stories to tell, people and groups to interview, topics to cover!

Get involved then! Join the session on June 19, from 12:45pm to 1:45pm (State Hall: Room 214). We’ll share ideas and knowledge about topics, projects, initiatives and resources, collect them all together, and think about how all this would translate into a podcast to be produced in the months ahead.
If you want to warm up, please feel welcome to check out my articles about podcasting for social change, powerful podcasts on air right now and how intersectionality can be a tool to reclaim justice and rights.
And if you want to start sharing tips and hints, or connect from afar, join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #RRCare!

Let’s learn from each other about how to love ourselves, and everyone else. It’s everyone’s right, and we can build a space to say it out loud!

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